Skin Health

  • Why healthy skin is important
  • How Dr. Eroy can help you

Why healthy skin is important!

Mass-media keep adding to the general belief in quick fixes daily. But despite what might seem like everyday conditions; skin Rash, Acne and other symptoms impacting your largest organ could be a clear indication of  worsening health.

Prescriptions and over the counter medications will mask these conditions with high efficacy, but the underlying problem remains and might be worsening.

Luckily, Dr. Eroy is now available to chat and figure out the root cause of your symptom. Always available and for FREE. Together you will find out why you are experiencing these conditions and target the underlying cause of your skin issue.

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How Dr. EROY can help you.

Functional medicine has pioneered the way we look at health issues. Instead of finding the quick fix to cover a current symptom, functional medicine aims to identify the cause. No more quick drugs, instead a thorough assessment to identify indicators in your past of why you are suffering of the current condition today.

Doctors in Functional Medicine help many get better each day. But with less than 2,000 specialized physicians only a fraction can get the help they need.

So we launched Dr. EROY – the world’s first digital doctor in Functional Medicine. Based on evidence and experience based methods EROY is now available and free for everyone to use. Chat with Dr. EROY today and get the help you need.

Let’s form a better you.

Chatting with Dr. EROY will always provide a free:

  • Individual assessment.
  • Tailored Diet & Lifestyle recommendations.
  • Advice on powerful Supplements.

Together this creates a strong foundation in identifying and targeting your health concerns. Once and for all.

So take the active step to improve your gut health today. Download the App here and chat with Dr. EROY in less than a minute.