Our Products

A free visit to Dr. Eroy will always provide diet and lifestyle advice tailored for your condition. You will also receive a care pack of supplements chosen specific for you.

The supplements recommended are designed to overcome common nutritional deficiencies and by doing so help enhance immune function and total body healing.

Our supplements are currently provided by a carefully selected supplier named Metagenics. Read more about them and their products at https://www.metagenics.com/.

To find your needs, download app and visit Dr. Eroy.

Below you can find the supplements currently used by Dr. Eroy. Click on each to read more.


Glutagenics – Support the healing of your gastrointestinal lining.

OmegaGenicsEPA-DHA 1000 – Omega-3 to support cardiovascular & immune system.

Spectrazyme Pan 9x – Support your digestive function

Endefen – A prebiotic or ‘health food’ for the beneficial bacteria.

Inflavonoid Intensive Care –  Highly bioavailable curcumin to support your body against oxidative stress.

Candibactin-AR & BR – Rebalance and correct your gut bacteria.

Vitamin D3 – 5000 IU daily

UltraFlora Spectrum – Long Term Balance of your gut bacteria with a powerful probiotic.


Our prices are always recommended retail price by the manufacturer. All we add is applicable tax and shipping cost. We take pride in keeping our prices as competitive and affordable as possible for you.


Express delivery within 3 days of order is included. For any queries please contact info@dreroy.com.


All our products can be returned within 30 days purchase for a full refund. Shipping is not provided. For more information please email info@dreroy.com.