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Dr. EROY was created to always be available and to assist you with your conditions. Although not a real doctor, Dr. EROY was created from the foundation of evidence based natural therapies. Please find the most common questions in the menu to the left.

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Who is Dr. EROY?

Dr. EROY is an artificial, yet intelligent, digital adaption of functional medicine best practice for assessing and treating common health conditions affecting our Gut, Skin, Sex and Energy.

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What conditions can you help me with?

Dr. EROY currently offer a tailored plan for diet, lifestyle and supplements for health concerns related to your Gut, Diet, Energy, Skin or Sexual reproduction.

For long lasting concerns of any kind, please visit your regular physician.

What’s the cost?

To chat with Dr. EROY and receive tailored advice is FREE.

Do I have to download App?

To give you the best user experience and always get the best care we please ask you to download the App.

Who supplies your supplements?

To make it as easy for you as possible to order the supplements Dr. EROY will recommend you, we have teamed up with Metagenics. They have a powerful track record with producing some of the most high quality stuff. Subscribed by physicians.

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